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Services Offered

We offer several pallet services including wood pallets, pallet recycling, plastic pallets and heat treating for pallets. Browse our full list of services below.


If recycling your pallets is the ultimate concern for you, we can help by keeping your pallets out of the waste stream and out of the land fills. We repair and reuse all possible pallets saving thousands of trees that would have been used for shipping pallet purposes. We reduce the carbon foot print of many companies, in the Atlanta Metro area, that are willing to use recycled or remanufactured pallets. The energy that would have been wasted in the process of cutting the trees, shipping the logs to the lumber mill, cutting the logs into lumber, shipping the lumber to the pallet mills and the manufacturing of new pallets is reduced to a simple energy efficient repair process. All of our unusable scrap pallets will be ground up and used as mulch to help keep the moisture from evaporating from our landscaping and eventually become part of the garden soil.

Remanufactured Pallets

We can build custom sized pallets with reclaimed pallet lumber taken from unusable scrap pallets. Our process allows us to break pallets down to their pre-manufactured pieces which can then be trimmed to new sizes and rebuilt into custom pallets without using any new wood.

Pallet Repair

We can repair you broken pallets for you, eliminating the need for you to purchase new pallets. We can do this in one of two ways. We can place trailers at your location, collect all your damaged pallets, ship them to our location, repair them and return them to you for a simple repair fee. The second option, if your volume warrants, is to set up an on site repair process which will lower the repair cost per pallet and eliminates need for shipping pallets in both directions thus lowering the carbon foot print of your facility.

Scrap Pallet Pick Up

We are able to pick up your scrap pallets from your facility so that they will not find their way into the waste steam and ultimately the land fill. The minimal cost to you would be based on you volume of pallets and the number of reusable pallets in your mix of scrap pallets.

We Purchase Pallets

We purchase reusable pallets in a multiple number of sizes. You can drop them off at our location or we can pick them up at your location depending on your volume of pallets.

Trailers On Your Location

We can position trailers at your location for pallet pick up or purchase. Trailer availability is based on your volume of incoming or outgoing pallets and the cost would be based on the amount and quality of reusable pallets. Contact us for a specific quote.

Chep Pallet Collection Service

We are able to handle your excess or unwanted Chep (Blue) pallets. We have a working relationship with CHEP USA to collect and return Chep pallets. You can drop them off at our facility or we can collect them from your location.

Heat Treat

We can heat treat your pallets for overseas shipments. We are a certified heat treatment facility offering a stamped pallet with all the necessary paperwork for shipment out of the country.

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